What’s up guys!

In this video we’re going to help out my friend to recover his pictures and videos that he lost when he formatted his computer without backing up.

Oooooops! 😀

The tool we’ll be using is Recuva – an extremely easy to use program for Windows (that can also be used from Windows live like Hiren’s).

Let’s get started…

Data Recovery

Usually when doing data recovery, you should always consider booting from a live USB or doing so from another system with the hard drive connected to it using a hard drive enclosure.


Well its not the easiest to understand but I’ll try to explain.

Imagine you are trying to recover certain files from the system’s memory (basically bytes that haven’t been overwritten yet and can be reconstructed). When doing so, we need to write the newly recovered file to that same hard drive, which would then overwrite a possible memory location for other files we are trying to recover. That’s a problem.

So to solve this, you should:

  • (1) Always use a live USB or enclosure
  • (2) Recover files to a USB or external hard drive

With that out of the way, let’s actually do some data recovery!

Software Solutions

Data recovery isn’t only done using software. In some cases we might have to work with a physical component in order to recover data.

However, for this post, we’ll stick to software solutions.

There are plenty to choose from, some better than others, but for this tutorial I wanted something easy to use and free as well.

For this reason I choose to show you guys Recuva. I’ve been using it for several years and always found it quite effective for Windows.

The graphical user interface makes it very straight forward to use even for someone with little knowledge about computers. Simply download it and follow along with the screens in order to recover you data.

It will prompt you for what type of data you want to recover, what location it should search for that data and if you want to do a “deep scan”.

After that just wait for the tool to bring you your files!

Hope you guys enjoy this quick tip and see ya next time. 🙂